Epiphany Bliss is a hair company who supports well-being , confidence , empowerment and illnesses such as cancer and hair loss . As we support many from all walks of life our quest is to share knowledge and to simply enhance your beauty . We are based in Liverpool UK & NYC.  

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customised and none customised  wigs /hair styling / wig repairs 

Our product is customised specifically to suit your look and style.


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Nicola /My story

Why I started my company

Nicola Duzant-Hayden

During lockdown I registered a small wig company called Epiphany Bliss. My reason for wanting to start this company was because my mother was ill with cancer. When receiving her NHS voucher for a wig there were only a few places that would except the voucher. When taking my mother to look for a wig the process became very stressful. We found that in the places where she could spend her voucher the were no wigs for people of colour. This was very upsetting for my mother and myself. As I had been in the hair industry for many years, once my mother had passed I decided that I would one day build a custom wig company for those of colour and everybody else, who are going through similar issues. 

Press Release

Epiphany Bliss/Hair & Fashion Show - 

Celebration of Cultural hair and fashion throughout time. 

DATE: Friday 14th October 

VENUE: The Baltic Hotel 

TIME: 7-10pm (After party 10-1am) 

PRICE: £20 (£25 on the door) 

TICKETS: EPIPHANY BLISS /HAIR & FASHION SHOW Tickets, Fri 14 Oct 2022 at 19:00 | Eventbrite 

Inclusive and empowering hair company, Epiphany Bliss brings fashion, music, and dancing together for a night of entertainment during Black History Month and Liverpool Fashion Week. 

This catwalk event is not to be missed as it showcases the very latest collection of Epiphany Bliss’s on trend and unique handmade wigs and hairpieces to suit all styles and looks. 

The event is in celebration of African and Caribbean culture however, this handpicked selection is designed to bring out natural beauty regardless of your ethnicity or background. 


Nikki has worked in the hair industry for many years, lovingly handcrafting all her beautifully customised pieces. But her real inspiration for Epiphany Bliss came from some of the distressful experiences her and her mother encountered during her mother’s battle with cancer. 

Nikki said: “While my mother was undergoing chemotherapy, she began losing her hair and so she was given a voucher to buy a wig. Finding one to suit her was so upsetting as we soon realised there weren’t many places locally which made wigs for women of colour. My mother was a professional artist and fashion designer so not having much a choice to feel good in herself was heart-breaking. 

“When she passed away, I was determined to start up my own inclusive wig company which is also sensitive to those experiencing hair loss for many different reasons including those going through chemotherapy. 

“I’ve always wanted to put on an event like this to honour my mum as I know she would be proud. Holding it during Liverpool Fashion Week and Black History Month couldn’t be more perfect. 


As well as revealing Epiphany Bliss’s most exclusive lines, some of Liverpool’s most talented models will take to the runway to showcase clothes from the city’s well-known designers including Mavazi and Taya Hughes’ ‘Seven Streets’. 

Manchester’s Drag Queens and Kings are also expected to steal the show as they strut their stuff on the Liverpool catwalk. 

With an extensive background in performing arts, fashion and music go hand in hand for Nikki as she intends to bring a real party atmosphere to this event. 

Laughing, Nikki said “All I’d say is don’t expect to sit down. Our host for the night is Motormouf so he’s sure to keep the energy going. We’ve also booked some amazing DJs including DJ Lilsss, Olabean, Lady Spice and D-Fresh. I’m also looking forward to musical performances from TheRealManifest who is coming straight from NYC and AMBA who are an R&B vocal group made up of such talented ladies.” 

Guests can also network and enjoy an exclusive shopping experience with pop ups from unique designers and start-up companies from across the UK. 

Nikki added “I don’t want this to be a conventional runway show, I want people to be able to dance, eat, shop, network and get a real sense of what the city has to offer which isn’t just in the mainstream” 


The event has been organised in conjunction with Kindred and BLaST which is a network to support black and ethnically diverse people in Liverpool City Region. The project has also received backing from The World Reimagined, a national programme designed to empower racial justice. 

Nikki believes this collaboration with artists and other organisations has been so important in building her business Epiphany Bliss and will be key to ensuring its future success. 

BlaST Quote... 

BlaST (Black Social Traders) was conceived and supported by social investment CIC Kindred. It’s designed to recognise the impact and contribution of socially-trading organisation’s (STOs), led by those with Black and brown lived experience and expertise in Liverpool City Region. As a result, BlaST’s ambition is for Kindred to offer investment to a minimum of 25% of BlaST-led businesses, as part of its mission to increase social impact, accelerate change to address the inequities experienced by people of colour. 

Since its inception, we have aimed to raise the profile of the BlaST Network members. We do this by promoting the work of our members, whilst communicating the positive social or environmental impact that BlaST-led businesses have on their local communities, individually and collectively. BlaST collaborated on this year’s World Reimagined Inspire programme, to reflect on the Black lived experience of the past and present, whilst looking forward to the future in solidarity and unity. This autumn, BlaST Network has joined together to celebrate business, art, and culture to reimagine the future within The World Reimagined’s vision of creating a world where all can say “I am seen.” 

For tickets, please go to EPIPHANY BLISS /HAIR & FASHION SHOW Tickets, Fri 14 Oct 2022 at 19:00 | Eventbrite


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